Monday, January 30, 2012

Salmon Cheese Casserole or Holiday Stuffing?

Today I made Salmon Cheese Casserole -- an unexpected recipe that left me pleasantly surprised.  I don't think I've ever made anything fish related in my crockpot, so I was very hesitant to make this, but I already had most of the ingredients in my pantry.  It was time to get brave.

Anytime I read the words "cheesy casserole" I picture something creamy or saucy.  This casserole isn't that.  In fact, it turned out more like a dressing/stuffing than the typical casserole in my imagination.  It had more flavor than I expected and wasn't soggy like traditional stuffing can be.  I think it is great by itself, but it would also be a wonderful side dish to a holiday dinner.  Dad, if you're reading this, you must try this recipe -- it's right up your alley!

So, call it a casserole or call it stuffing.  Either way I think you'll be surprised how rich and delicious this dish is.  It's time for you to get brave!

Salmon Cheese Casserole*

14 3/4 oz. can salmon with liquid (I used a pint of home-canned salmon)
4 oz. can mushrooms, drained
1 1/2 cups bread crumbs (I used Italian seasoned bread crumbs)
2 eggs, beaten
1 cup grated cheese (I used co-jack)
1 TBS lemon juice
1 TBS minced onion (I used a small fresh onion, chopped)

1. Flake fish in bowl, removing bones.  Stir in remaining ingredients.  Pour into lightly greased crockpot.

2.  Cover.  Cook on LOW 3-4 hours.

*Recipe from Fix-It and Forget-It (by Dawn J. Ranck and Phyllis Pellman Good) was submitted by Wanda S. Curtin from Bradenton, FL

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