Thursday, January 19, 2012

Favorite Cookbooks

Crockpot recipes are found all over the place -- you can get them through online searches, cookbooks, friends & family, and so on.  Finding just the right recipe can be a little overwhelming, so just remember (especially if you're new to the crockpot) to keep it simple.

These are my crockpot cookbooks.  That's right, I only have two.  Fix-It and Forget It (Dawn J. Ranck & Phyllis Pellman Good) and Fix-It and Forget It Lightly (Phyllis Pellman Good).  Each cookbook has a wide variety of recipes including (but not limited to) breakfast, desserts, breads, stews/soups, casseroles, appetizers, and more.  Most of the recipes are very easy to make, and instructions are easy to read and follow.  If you are looking for a good 'starter' crockpot cookbook, one of these would work great. 

A bonus feature of the Lightly version is that it contains nutritional values for each recipe -- something you will appreciate if you are a label-reader.  The recipes also use low fat and/or low calorie ingredients.

Another thing I like about these cookbooks is that all the recipes are from regular people, like you and me, from all around the United States.  I've even found some from my town!  To me, a cookbook is more special when it has a personal touch like that.

Any time of year is a good time to use your crockpot, but it seems especially good during cold winter months when we all want to curl up with some warm comfort food.  Happy crocking!

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